Effectiv prevention of ketosis and hypocalcemia

High energy content

Easily available calcium

ADDCON MF+ provides the dairy cow´s metabolism with urgently required
energy and readily available calcium. The prophylactic use of ADDCON MF+
significantly reduces the risk of ketosis and milk fever (hypocalcemia) after
calving, which promotes both animal health and performance.  

Propylene glycol, calcium propionate and isomaltulose are characterised by a
very high energy densitiy and thus actively contribute to the reduction of the
occurring energy deficit during early lactation - the risk of ketosis decreases
distinctly. At the same time, the glucoplastic energy and slowly degradable
sugars do not result in an  acidification of the rumen. 

ADDCON MF+ stands for

Prevents metabolic disorders

Water soluble and easy to use


ADDCON MF+ should be used prophylactically from 24 hours
before to 100 days after calving. The product can be given to the animal
orally or offered as a mixture with water.


Good to know

The calcium is easily absorbed and therefore quickly
available in the bloodstream,
which effectively supports the calcium balance.
This is especially important at the time of calving,
when the risk of hypocalcemia is highest.

Technical Data

Propylene glycol 

Calcium propionate

ADDCON MF+ can be stored in closed and original package
for 24 months after production date.
Store in a cool (frost-free), dry and dark place.

Canister (30 kg)
Barrel (220 kg)
Container (1,100 kg)

150-350 g /cow and day up to 100 days in lactation
500-2000 g/cow and day at the time of calving




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