The new energy drink for dairy cows! 

A high milk yield needs an optimum and appropriate energy supply to not endanger
animal health. An economic milk production that includes animal welfare and high
performance, is closely linked to an optimal feeding management. Especially in the
period shortly after calving a performance-oriented energy supply is the cornerstone for
a successful lactation. ADDCON Energy can be used as an energy drink post partum and
is used as a daily supplement in feeding.  

ADDCON Energy is the ideal high concentrated energy source in dairy cow feeding.
The ingredients, especially propylene glycol and glycerin, which are used with regard
to ketosis prophylaxis and metabolic stabilizatrion, have positive effects on the cows.
The Isomaltulose is a new and very tasty ingredient. Isomaltulose is an enzymatically
modified sugar that ensures an even and long-lasting supply of energy. 

ADDCON Energy stands for

Lower risk of ketosis and by this an improved animal health

Metabolic effective ingredients 

Includes only pure energy sources

High palatability

Easy and safe to use

Advantages of ADDCON Energy

Energetic complementary feed

Nutritionally valuable components

High palatability

Helps to increase milk yield

Improves animal health


Good to know

Animal performance, health and economy can be achieved
through the use from ADDCON Energy.

ADDCON Energy leads to a profitable milk production.


Technical Data


Propylenglycol, Isomaltulosis molasses, plant crude glycerin (80%), 
garlic, oregano


ADDCON Energy can be stored in original sealed package
for 24 months after production date.
The container has to be kept clean and closed.


IBC (1100 kg netto)


150 – 350 g/cow and day




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