PETROFORM sodium formate and potassium formate from ADDCON GmbH are
environmentally-responsible non-damaging organic salts used by the oil industry in
high-performance well construction fluids to maximize the profitability of oil and gas
field developments. 



Clear 75% w/w potassium formate brine, SG 1.57


The patented non-caking potassium formate powder

ADDCON is the world’s largest producer of formate products and the leading supplier of formate brines and powders to the oil industry.
The PETROFORM formate brines and powder are manufactured from high-grade feedstocks, creating products of exceptional purity. 
The ADDCON formate production facilities in Norway and Germany have a capacity of 800,000 bbl/annum of formate brine and 10,000 MT/annum of formate powder. 

We always hold kilotonne quantities of formate products in stock and can guarantee
prompt shipments at short notice by sea, rail, road or air. ADDCON is the only formate
producer with a production plant located next to a deep water quayside, allowing bulk
shipments to any port in the world. With a long and successful track record of supplying
formate products to well construction projects all over the world we understand the
special needs of the oil industry. 
Make ADDCON your global supply partner now andsee why we are the leading supplier of formate brines and powders to oil industry.  

PETROFORM stands for:


Reduced well delivery time and costs 

Faster delivery of oil and gas reserves

Improved well control and safety 

Precise reservoir definition 



Formate brines make safe and reliable solids-free well control fluids for any well operation.
The absence of weighting solids in formate brines brings economic benefits to all well
operations, from drilling through to completion, workover, well suspension and well
stimulation.  The absence of weighting solids also makes formate brines easy to recycle
and reuse time after time. 

Fast well delivery time

Drilling and completing in simple solids-free formate brines is much faster than with
solidsweighted traditional fluids. The presence of solid weighting agents in a wellbore
slows down all aspects of drilling and completion.
Drilling solids-free with formate brines has beneficial effect on well control, wellbore
stability, hydraulics, ECD, bit performance, bit life, torque and drag, differential sticking,
NP and completion times.
These benefits translate into time and costs savings on every well. The effects are
particularly noticeable while drilling unconventional shale oil and shale gas formations
where ROPs with potassium formate can be 50-100% higher than in wells drilled with
oil-based muds. 


Good to know




Replacing traditional fluids with
clear formate brinesin drilling and completion
operations has a remarkable effect on
the economics of oil and gas field
development projects.

Technical Data


Kaliumformiat: 75%
Wasser: 25%       
Kaliumformiat: 97%   
Antibackmittel ≥ 2.5%


10 Jahre ab Produktionsdatum bei Lagerung unter empfohlenen Bedingungen länger als 18 Monate, bei Lagerung unter Empfohlenen Bedingungen.


1000 l IBC-Container ISO-Container, Flexitank im Container, Tankwagen

25 kg PE-Beutel (42 x 25 kg)

500 kg Big Bags

1000 kg Big Bags

Handhabung und Lagerung

PETROFROM PF75 sollte in geschlossenen Behältern oder Lagertanks bei Raumtemperatur an einem kühlen, trockenen 

Ort ohne direkte Sonneneinstrahlung gelagert und vor dem Einfrieren geschützt werden.

PETROFORM sollte an einem trockenen und vorzugsweise gut belüfteten Ort gelagert werden. Das 

patentierte  Antibackmittel sichert die Bedingungen des freien Flusses so lange wie möglich.

PETROFORM PF97 wird in geschlossenen Beuteln aufbewahrt.


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