efficient and at the same time environment friendly de-icing agent


VIAFORM is an efficient and at the same time environment friendly de-icing agent for roads, footpaths, cycling paths, house entrances, company premises or artificial turf pitches. Positive product properties such as biodegradability, non-toxicity for humans, animals and plants as well as absence of residues emphasizes the efficiency of VIAFORM. VIAFORM is available both in liquid (as VIAFORM LIQUID) and granulated form (as VIAFORM GRANULAR).

VIAFORM for companies and municipality

Customers from many different areas trust the proven reliability of VIAFORM:

Municipal winter maintenance

Cities in Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Schwitzerland and France already enjoy a reliable and efficient winter service due to VIAFORM. At the same time trees, parks and water are all spared due to VIAFORM’s eco-friendly qualities.

Parks, zoos, animal hotels

Thanks to VIAFORM, zoos as well as botanical gardens can open their gates even during the winter and allow visitors a save walk on their premises. Moreover, precious animals and plants are not jeopardized by VIAFORM. 

Restaurants, hotels, senior residences, hospitals

VIAFORM enables restaurants to maintain a winter service that guarantees customers safe admittance – while simultaneously not damaging valuable green areas and leaving no harmful residues in their Lobbys. 

Paths and entrances of retirement homes and hospitals are de-iced with VIAFORM and winter strolls without the risk of dangerous accidents due to icy surfaces are thus made possible.

Train stations, harbours, company premises

VIAFORM provides travellers and commuters security on parking spaces, in entrances of train stations and on platforms. Due to VIAFORM’s low corrosiveness sensitive materials are protected.  

By using this innovative and eco-friendly product companies have the opportunity to both ensure safety and at the same time demonstrate their corporation’s environmental responsibility. 

Artificial turf pitches, parking spaces, retail stores

Due to its unique material compatibility and non-toxicity VIAFORM LIQUID as well as VIAFORM GRANULAR are successfully used for de-icing of artificial turf pitches. 

Through the use of VIAFORM in entrances and parking spaces of department stores and supermarkets customers are not subject to a heightened risk of accident. 


Farms and studs already successfully de-ice their properties with VIAFORM in order to not threaten their animals’ health.



Due to the different functioning of both products the combined use of VIAFORM LIQUID and VIAFORM GRNULAR is recommended. Both products enable an optimized response to different weather conditions.

The dosage recommendations and safety regulations should be taken into account.



non-toxic for animals, plants and aquatic organisms

VIAFORM is neither toxic nor irritating to animals. Problems related to the use of sodium chloride (such as irritated skin, eyes or paws of dogs or other animals) do not occur when VIAFORM is used. Inflamed paws caused by grit particles sticking between paw pads are likewise prevented by using VIAFORM.

Grass strips and trees adjacent to roads, cycling paths and sidewalks are not affected in any negative way by VIAFORM and new plantings or the felling of trees are consequently not necessary. In comparison to usual road salt, VIAFORM does not accumulate in either surface or ground water. 



When assessing the environmental compatibility of de-icing agents not only their toxicity is important. Far more important is the required oxygen demand that is necessary for the degradation of the product. Is this oxygen demand high, anaerobic conditions may be caused in the water or soil due to the degradation of the de-icing agent.

While the oxygen demand for the degradation of VIAFORM is low and therefore non-hazardous to the environment, products based on urea or acetates require a lot of oxygen for degradatio

Residue free

No additional costs and risks 

Winter maintenance with VIAFORM does not leave any residues, because after application the product decomposes and degrades by natural means.

Residues caused by using gritting agents currently have to be collected and disposed or recycled by costly and time consuming means. But only a small part of the gritting agents used during the winter periods can be collected. The rest remains along the edge of the road, on the road, in the sewerage system or in nature itself. 

During dry periods these gritting agent residues can lead to accidents as grit decreases the friction between ground and tires.

These additional costs, environmental pollution and accident risks do not occur when using VIAFORM. 

No hazards related to fine particulates

The use and collection of gritting agents causes a significant formation of fine particulates which are hazardous to health. This risk also does not occur when using VIAFORM.

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