The sustainable growth promoter.

More performance in aquaculture!

• increasing growth

• saving feed costs

• strong antimicrobial effects

• high survival

Growing awareness from consumers and producers of aquaculture spe-cies has resulted in calls for responsible and sustainable aqua-culture world-wide. Public opinion and regulatory authorities in most export countries focus now on the misuse of antibiotics in aquaculture and pu-blic attention has shifted towards sustainable production methods.In order to fulfil such challenging demands ADDCON has developed a sustainable, non-antibiotic growth promoting feed additive for modern aquaculture – AQUAFORM

AQUAFORM stands for:

significantly increased growth

improved feed conversion, in order to safe feed costs

strong antimicrobial effects help to mitigate the impact of bacterial infections

high survival rates

nice to know

AQUAFORM is safe and sustainable and has no residues! It is patented and contains EU-approved ingredients (E 237a).

Technical Data


2 - 5 kg / t of feed, depending on farm conditions

Storage and shelf life: 

AQUAFORM is stored in 25 kg bags with a 18 months shelf life



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