The supplement feed to stabilize TMR's and mash.

Cool feed even in summer!

Total mixed rations (TMR) are extremely sensitive to decay. Intensive contact between the TMR and the oxygen during mixing boosts the growth rate of yeasts and moulds.

The nutrient value of the feed will fall, and the feed will be less readily accepted by the cattle. The result is a lower feed intake and consequently lower milk production.

Even if the utmost care and hygiene is observed on the farm, microbial contamination is very hard to avoid in the warm summer months.

KOFA TMR 7.0 acts effectively against yeast and moulds and keeps TMR forage mixes hygienically fresh, full of nutrients and appetizing.

In addition, KOFA TMR 7.0 supplements energy as glucoplastic substances.

KOFA TMR 7.0 stands for

Low application rate, significant cost benefits

Protects against nutrient loss and decay

Highly effective against yeasts - the cause of heating

User freindly - non-hazardous!


Good to know

Better feedhygiene with MAIS KOFASIL

Silage maize, CCM and LKS silage need special protection from reheating.

MAIS KOFASIL with the active ingredient sodium benzoate prevents yeast and mold growth and keeps the silage in an perfectly hygienic status - even at higher outside temperatures.

MAIS KOFASIL silages are therefore the ideal mixing partner for TMR's!

MAIS KOFASIL is also suited to improve aerobic stability from sugar-rich grass silages.

Technical Data


Ingredients: propylene glycol, isomaltulosemolassis, glycerin
Active substances: Propionic acid, sodium propionate, sorbic acid


1,115 g/cm³


approx. 5,4



KOFA TMR 7.0 has to be stored in a dry, cool (frost-free) and dark place. Shelf life of sealed original packages is min. 2 years from production date.


Classification under feedstuff regulations:

KOFA TMR 7.0 is a supplement feed, consisting of effective premixes and supplement feeds.


Package sizes

Canister (26 litres)

Drum (215 litres)

Container (1.000 litres)


Dosage TMR forage mix:

1-3 Liters KOFA TMR 7.0 per ton feed 1:1 mixed with water to create a ready-to-us blend and applicated at the feed mixer.


Dosage Mash:

Per 1.000 Liter of mash 1.5-3 Liters KOFA TMR 7.0 are applicated undiluted.


The amounts stated here are our minimum application rates; blending the KOFA TMR 7.0 into the forage mix must be done with the utmost care.



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