ADDCON ABC´s Natural Companion

Liquid, Protective, Sodium-Free

ADDCON KTP (E280/283) is a liquid preservative which is specifically designed to optimize baking powder leavened products. Due to its sodium-free nature, it provides manufacturers the opportunity to reduce the sodium content of the product, especially when substituting conventional baking powder with ADDCON ABC. Moreover, the liquid form of the preservative makes handling easy, precise and hassle-free, eliminating work exposure to preservative dust.

ADDCON KTP stands for

Reliable preservation effect, specifically designed for baking powder leavened products

Contribution to work safety through the elimination of preservative dust

Reduction of Overall Sodium Content in the final product


Range of Application

ADDCON KTP is best suitable for baking powder leavened products, such as cookies, cakes and crumpets.
In products which contain ADDCON ABC, ADDCON KTP is the most suitable companion for optimized baking performance.

Good to know

Combining ADDCON´s food additives will yield products superior in volume, texture, freshness and shelf life with reduced acrylamide presence and no sensory compromises.



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