The high quality bait


Cows loves it!

Profitable Milkproduction

Frequent and voluntary visits to the automatic milking system (AMS) are the
basis for a high milk yield. The smoother the cow traffic runs the better the milking
system can be used to capacity and milk yield increased. In addition, the workload
decreases if cows do not have to be manually pushed. This can be done through a lure
feed, which has a high palatability to attract the walk for milking.


The unique mix of different sugars which are not only tasty, but also have positive
effects on ketosis prophylaxis and metabolic stabilization. Not just the energy supply is
improved, but also the well-being of the animals.


ADDCON AMS stands for

highest palatability

metabolic effective ingredients 

free of residues

easy and safe to use

Advantages of ADDCON AMS

Attractive lure

Increases milk yield

Less work at cow traffic to the AMS

Nutritionally valuable components 

Improves energy supply

Improves palatability


Good to know

ADDCON AMS leads naturally to a more
profitable milk production.


Technical Data


Isomaltulosis molasses, plant crud glycerin (80%),
Propylenglycol, garlic, oregano


ADDCON AMS can be stored in original sealed package for
24 months after production date.
The container has to be kept clean and closed!


IBC (1100 kg netto)


200-500 g/cow and day




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