Feed Preservative

Animal feedstuffs are prone to microbial spoilage. 

ADDCON Calpro effectively inhibits undesired microorganisms, such as moulds
or bacteria. It so helps in prolonging shelf life and safeguarding nutritional value
of feed and contributes to food chain safety.

Fungi cause most of the deterioration of feedstuffs during storage. 

The development of moulds in feed depends on 

• Temperature and storage time
• pH and Aw (water activity)
• initial number of spores
• the availability of nutrients

It is documented in the scientific literature that propionic acid and its propionate salts have the highest efficacy of all organic acids against mould growth. 


Moreover, propionic acid efficiently controls as well certain bacteria, such as rope
formers. As straight propionic acid gives handling and corrosion problems, ADDCON
CalPro is a safe, non-corrosive alternative to pro-pionic acid with high active
(propionate) content. The product preserves and also prevents the recontamination of
compound feed after production. This in turn, extends the shelf life, maintains the
nutritional quality, and prevents the formation of mycotoxins in feeds. 

Storage, handling and safety

ADDCON CalPro must be stored in a dry, cool (frost-free) and dark place.
Shelf life of sealed original packages is 3 years from production date. 

Handle product in accordance with good industrial practice. Avoid direct exposure to
product and inhalation of dust and provide proper ventilation during handling. Use
protective equipment such as safety glasses and gloves. ADDCON CalPro is not
classified as dangerous good in the sense of international transport regulations.
See the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional information. 


Good to know

Controls moulds safely!

Technical Data



Calcium Propionate

Mol. Weight: 186.2 g/mol

CAS no: 4075-81-04

EINECS no: 223-795-8 

HS Code: 2915.5000


Dosage and use:

ADDCON CalPro is typically used at

• 0.5  - 1.0 kg/t in the preservation of poultry feed

Please contact our technical service for detailed dosage information
and application support.



• Paper-bag of 20 kg net

• Paper bag of 25 kg net




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