Patented preservative for high-

moisturegrain and grain maize


For excellent feed hygiene and high animal performance


KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is a novel preservative containing sodium benzoate,

propionic acid and sodium propionate for the use in cereals and grain maize.

The unique, patented formulation makes it superior to other preservatives

in terms of efficacy and user-friendliness. Compared with the drying of

grain, the use of KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- offers significant cost benefits to the

farmer. In addition, the product is as equally effective as pure acid blends,

but has markedly improved handling properties for user and equipment.


The combination of a cleaning procedure of the grain immediately after

harvesting and the application of the unique formulation of KOFA GRAIN

-pH 5- with its strong inhibitory effect on yeasts and moulds forms the basis

for excellent feed hygiene being the key for good animal health and high performance.


The concept of grain preservation with KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is suitable for

all farms irrespective of their size. ADDCON´s service does not only include

provision of this highly innovative product, but also covers expert technical

advice in combination with excellent technological solutions (sale of

preservation equipment, e.g. applicators, screw conveyors etc.).

KOFA GRAIN pH 5 stands for


Safe use – strong Action

Patented preservative formulation with permanent EU approval

Long-lasting inhibitory effect on yeasts and moulds

Not corrosive on skin, less corrosive on metal, no dangerous good according to transport regulations



The concept of grain preservation with KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is suitable for all farms irrespective of their size.

To ensure maximal efficacy of KOFA GRAIN -pH 5-, all Grain kernels have to be treated with preservative.

Table 1


Good to know


KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is highly effective in improving
bunk-life of silages. It was granted the DLG approval
seal for aim of action 2 - improving aerobic stability.

It has been used sucessfully in silages from foage
maize and maize ear products (corn cob mix, maize ear
and maize kernel silages) as well as in crimped grain
silages stored in bags.

Excellent efficacy of KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- has been
demonstrated for aerobically stored moist by-products
of grain processing (e.g. brewer´s grains,
wet distiller´s grain solubles) as well as for wet hay.


Technical Data


sodium benzoate, propionic, acid, sodium propionate

Density: 1.115 g / cm3

pH-value: approx. 5.0


KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is to be stored in a dry, cool (frost-free) and dark place. Shelf life of

sealed original packages min. 2 years from production date.

EC approval:

KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- has been granted permanent authorization as preservative (EC No. 1) for high-moisture grain and grainmaize by the European Commission.


Pack sizes:

Canister (26 l)

Drum (215 l)

Container (1,000 l)

loose (> 10,000 l)


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