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Slim hole/coiled tubing drilling

PETROFORM enables working with even challenging well constructions such as Slim Hole Drilling (SHD), Coiled-Tubing Drilling (CTD), Through Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD) and Extended Reach Drilling (ERD). High average ROPs (Rate of Penetration) with > 30 % reduction in total drilling time can be achieved through the use of PETROFORM.

During slim hole and coil tubing drilling PETROFORM develops low frictional pressure losses, resulting in high hydraulic power transmission to the down hole mud motors, low ECDs (Equivalent Circulating Density) and low swab/surge pressures.

One reason for the successful use of PETROFORM in slim hole/coiled tubing drilling are its favourable hydraulic properties:

  • Solids-free
    No solids required for viscosity or weight, even at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Shear thinning
    Compatible with highly shear-thinning bio-polymers, such as Xanthan gum to higher temperatures than any other brine.
  • Drag reducing
    Xanthan gum, which is compatible with formate brines to very high temperatures, is an excellent drag reducer. PETROFORM can easily reduce the frictional pressure losses with a factor of three compared to that in pure water.