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Deepwater drilling and completion

Being solids-free PETROFORM reduces during deepwater operations fluid’s resistance to flow, improves well control, is temperature-stable, have low ECDs and low thermal conductivities.

Additionally formate brines have a low solubility for gases such as methane and CO2, which improves early detection of gas kicks and the low thermal conductivity provides useful insulating properties.

The outstanding hydraulic benefits of PETROFORM translate into valuable user benefits especially while HP/HT and deepwater drilling:

  • Lower string pressure losses
    - Better power transmission to mud motors and bit
    - Higher ROPs
    - Ability to drill longer extended reach wells
  • Lower ECDs
    - Higher annular flow velocity for more effective hole cleaning
    - Less risk of causing formation fracking or breakdown
    - Ability to drill deeper and longer wells before coming hydraulically limited
  • Lower swab and surge pressures during tripping
    - Faster tripping speeds
    - Less risk of wellbore instability
  • Better mud removal for more effective cementing
  • Improved well control
    - Powerful hydrate inhibition by formate brine without use of additional inhibitors
    - Quicker flow checks
    - Better quick detection
    - Better kick behaviour
  • Improved tool performance
    - Better signal transmission
  • Improved pressure testing
    - Linear response