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The outstanding hydraulic properties of PETROFORM add value to several drilling applications.

PETROFORM stabilizes biopolymers during HP/HT drilling processes and slim hole/coiled tubing drilling benefits from high average ROPs (Rate of Penetration) with > 30 % reduction in total drilling time. During deepwater drilling and completion processes an improved well control is achieved and the low solubility for gases in formate brines such as methane and CO2 improves early detection of gas kicks. Additionally to this the low thermal conductivity provides useful insulating properties.

While Shale drilling PETROFORM creates an osmotic outflow of pore fluid to lower shales pore pressure. This reduces hydrational stresses and maintains lower pore pressure in membrane efficient shales. The lower pore pressures in the shale’s surrounding of the wellbore result in stiffer and stronger boreholes and strengthen even leaky North Sea shales.

Please find out more about the benefits of using PETROFORM and convince yourself of versatile advantages!