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The German based ADDCON GROUP is one of the largest producers of Potassium formate in the world.

Production sites in Porsgrunn, Norway and Bitterfeld, Germany continuously supply customers around the world with formates for the oil and gas industry, De-Icing of runways as well as other industrial applications such as secondary working fluids for refrigeration systems or raw materials for different chemical applications.


Especially for the oil and gas industry, ADDCON sells under the trademark PETROFORM, pure Potassium formate of highest quality. PETROFORM is available as

-       75 % clear and solids-free solution (PETROFORM PF 75) or as

-       97 % patented, crystalline and free-flowing Potassium formate with effect of
anti caking agents

Both product grades of PETROFORM are characterized by

-       Highest purity (European quality)

-       High specific weight (1,5)

-       High efficiency

-       Flexibility in use

-       Outstanding environmental properties

-       Sustainability (recyclable and biodegradable)

PETROFORM is produced for more than 15 years in one of the biggest production facilities for Potassium formate in the world in Porsgrunn, Norway. A high plant capacity, storage facilities for raw materials as well as ready product guarantee our customers a reliable, flexible and continuous supply of PETROFORM.

ADDCON can deliver on short notice even large quantities – a flexibility required by our customers. That is why ADDCON is for more than 15 years the preferred supplier for the oil and gas industry!