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Potassium Formate

Thanks to its outstanding product properties potassium formate produced by ADDCON gains in importance for the manufacturing of different products. Additional product characteristics such as a high environmental profile, non-toxicity as well as biodegradability convince customers from different areas of application.

Well known areas of application for potassium formate are

  • De-icing and anti-icing agents
  • Refrigerants
  • Drilling fluids for oil drilling and mining

Due to the outstanding product properties of potassium formate other areas of applications were found and due to the use of potassium formate product quality as well as environmental profile of the products could be improved.

Industrial applications of potassium formate can be found in the following areas:

  • Additives for the construction industry
  • Additives for polyurethanes, hard foams
  • Additives for floor coverings with antistatic function
  • Production of polymers, latex
  • Flame retardants
  • Print-, textile- and leather industry (pigments, tanning process)
  • Metal-working and finishes
  • Feed additives

This is just a selection of areas of application, potassium formate can be used for and demonstrates the versatile properties of this unique, organic salt.

Supply & Delivery

ADDCON produces potassium formate of highest purity. It is available as solid or liquid product.

  • 97 % potassium formate (42x25 kg, 500 kg Big Bag, 1000 kg Big Bag)
  • 75 % potassium formate brine (1000 l IBC Container, bulk)


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