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Product specifications

HYCOOL is a state of the art, non-hazardous aqueous, low-temperature heat transfer fluid for all indirect refrigeration systems.

It is used in the secondary circuit and is characterized by a low freezing point, outstanding thermodynamic properties (high thermal conductivity), a low viscosity, a high environmental profile and good material compatibility with all commonly used metals and polymers.

The low freezing point of HYCOOL enables the use in systems operating down to -50°C.

HYCOOL – 3 grades for demanding applications

HYCOOL is available in three ready-to-use formulations – tailor-made for the needs and requirements of our customers:

  • HYCOOL 20
  • HYCOOL 45 and
  • HYCOOL 50.

The number indicates the freezing point of the refrigerant (e.g. HYCOOL 20 freezes at -20°C).

ADDCON also offers HYCOOL Blue, a dye additive for HYCOOL enabling leak detection.