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HYCOOL is a state of the art, non-hazardous aqueous, low-temperature heat transfer fluid for all indirect refrigeration systems.

The low freezing point of HYCOOL enables the use in systems operating from + 60 °C down to -50°C.







Heat transfer fluids or secondary refrigerants are liquids that are used to transfer heat from the substance being cooled to a heat exchanger where the heat is absorbed by a primary refrigerant.

High temperature applications such as air conditioning use chilled water as the secondary refrigerant while low temperature applications require highly energy efficient brines such as HYCOOL.

These brines have much better thermodynamic properties in comparison to glycols and enable energy savings of 15-20 %.

Major benefits of Secondary Refrigeration Systems

⇒   the secondary refrigerant guarantees a constant and highly effective cooling of goods (quick and reliable process without „Ice formation”) and even provides a „holdover effect”  (e.g. energy cuts) 

⇒   natural and climate neutral primary refrigerants such as hydrocarbons can be used

•  minimised amount of primary refrigerants (most of the primary refrigerants have a negative climate impact, e.g. CFC’s, CO2)

•  primary refrigerant remains in the plant room and does not present a hazard to production (e.g. toxic ammonia, explosive CO2 with high operation pressures)

⇒   less Supervisory Staff / maintenance are needed as systems can be easily switched on/off

•  Breakdowns can be repaired in the primary system while secondary cooling capability still maintained

•  Systems work with low operation pressures  (no complications due to pressure drops, no hazards to the plant and during production, easily to maintain)