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HYCOOL - the energy saving refrigerant

HYCOOL is characterized by a high thermal conductivity and low viscosity even at low temperatures.

Due to HYCOOL’s low viscosity, systems require less expensive, lower output pumps. This smaller pump capacity causes smaller systems with an increased number of cooling circuits and leads to a more efficient refrigeration process.

This saves energy on a significant basis (15-20 %).

Thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties, HYCOOL allows large amounts of energy to be absorbed and transported cheaply and highly efficiently. The excellent thermodynamic properties of HYCOOL paired with the low viscosity enable highly efficient refrigeration processes which are characterized by a high COP4 (Coefficient of Performance) of the systems.

In addition to this, HYCOOL’s excellent material compatibility and its outstanding stability enable systems to run longer while still working at the optimum capacity.

4 Coefficient to measure the performance and efficiency of a refrigeration plant. Calculates the ratio (Q/P) of the amount of cooling being carried out (Q in kW) and the amount of power consumed (P in kW).