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HYCOOL – potential savings and additional benefits


HYCOOL minimizes both capital and operational costs and at the same time protects the environment through its excellent non-toxic and biodegradable properties.

The energy savings realized can amount to 15-20 % compared with glycols.


⇒ improved system efficiency and reduced energy
    consumption (15 - 20 %)

⇒ increased number of operating cycles

⇒ reduced system size

Secondary refrigeration systems operated with HYCOOL
with outstanding energy saving potentials.

Energy used for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems was in Germany already in 1999 14 % of the total energy consumption. This number points out the importance of saving energy, especially in the refrigeration segment. Additional doors on cold displays are one way to save energy – the systems efficiency itself is an additional opportunity.

In addition to the low energy consumption of secondary systems operated with HYCOOL, the systems provide “free heat” that can be used for underfloor heating or to easily defrost systems. This is modern and sustainable heat-recycling that saves money and the environment.

The long-term stability of HYCOOL ensures a long operating life of the systems, with low service and maintenance costs.