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ADDCON helps customers into the Non-AGP era in Indonesia!


Overuse of antibiotics, the development of resistant bacteria and its ill effects on the human population eventually leading to the ban on prophylactic use of antibiotics in animal farming, is currently the hottest topic of discussion everywhere.

Consequently, also the Indonesian government banned the use of such AGP in poultry nutrition starting the year 2018.

On March 16th 2018, Addcon and its Indonesian partner, Novindo, jointly carried out a seminar to guide the way into this era at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition-BSD City in Jakarta for almost 50 participants.


Addcon was represented by Dr. Chang Ying Kang, CRM South East Asia and Dr. Stevan Petrovic, Technical Consultant. Feed-mills owners, technical managers, veterinarians and poultry breeders made up the audience, and they listened to presentations on the need to ban AGPs and search for sustainable alternatives.


One of those, FORMI NDF - which is based on Addcon´s diformates technology, has shown best results in poultry nutrition globally. Due to its molecular structure, FORMI NDF can reach the small intestine where it controls harmful bacteria and supports a healthy intestinal microflora, and can therefore be used as a sustainable alternative for AGP’s in inhibiting the growth of harmful Gram-negative bacteria. 


ADDCON is proud to collaborate with Novindo in this sustainable venture!

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