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Technical data

Chemical formula

Bulk density (ca)
0,85 -0,96 g/cm3

The product is soluble in water (18% at 20°C) and this gives a pH of 7,6 at a 10% level. If the temperature is increased, the solubility increases at the same pace as the amount of water added. Bicarbonate is totally disolved at 60 °C and the remains of the product consist of ammonia, carbondioxide and water.

Carbondioxide will form when ABC is exposed to acid, ammonia will form when the the product is exposed to alkalies. NB! Avoid exposions of nitrites.

Removal of waste
Ammonium Bicarbonate is classified as special waste and has to be handeled at a approved dunghill for  these types of special waste.

Product  gradings
• Pure crystal product (technical quality), that is the product will not contain any additives. In this case, the product is 99,9 % clean.
• FFQ food quality (poudered quality): This version of the product is made by adding 0,6% magnesium carbonate to improve the storing capabilities of the product.

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