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Leavening Agents

White Powder

ADDCON supplies food grade ammonium bicarbonate (ADDCON ABC) of the highest quality from it production plant in Porsgrunn, Norway. This product is used as a sodium free leavening agent for the baking industry. It is very cost efficient in use for applications in low moisture bakery items such as biscuits, cookies, wafers, crackers and dry baked snacks. Ammonium bicarbonate is listed in the European Union as approved food additive (E503ii) and has a GRAS status under US FDA regulations. Unlike Sodium- or Potassium Bicarbonate, ADDCON ABC  does not require an acid in order to release gas for the leavening action requiring only heat from the baking process for its action.

NH4HCO3 → NH3 (gas) + CO2 (gas) + H2O

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