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Silage at the best possible time

Try to keep the time between cutting the grass to closing the silo as short as possible. You should be able to silage each of your cuts within between 24 and 36 hours at most. Very dry weather conditions (with lots of sun) are ideal for hay making; avoid silaging then.

But if you cannot avoid it, keep the time between cutting and removing the harvested crop to an absolute minimum to avoid the crop drying out too much. Either MAIS KOFASIL LIQUID, KOFASIL EXCEL or KOFA GRAIN -pH 5- is the best silage additive in this case. Both of these products are highly effective and prevent mould and yeast growth even in crops with very high DM levels.

  • Then you can always silage when the grass has the highest energy content.
  • You should be aiming for at least 6.5 MJ NEL in your grass silage.
  • We have a solution for every weather.
  • Everyone else has to wait for good weather.