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The correct Silage Additive

As there is still a risk of rain in early May in our region, use our KOFASIL LIQUID silaging additive for the first cut. KOFASIL LIQUID will reliably protect your grass silage against the risk of butyric fermentation from the butyric acid-forming clostridia bacteria if there is dirt in the mowed crop. KOFASIL LIQUID can also be used with no problem at all in crops with a DM content of well below 20%. So you’ll always get top quality silage from that all-important first cut.

The second and third cuts are usually done once the weather has improved - the perfect time for using our KOFASIL LIFE bacterial preparation. The lactic acid formed by the cultures in KOFASIL LIFE permanently prevent growth of acid-sensitive elements that negatively affect fermentation. KOFASIL LIFE ensures hygienically perfect, high-energy silage.

Remember that dry matter levels can be high in the warm months. Dry material does not compress well in the silo, creating the perfect conditions for heating on exposure and mould growth. To avoid mould, use our KOFASIL S or KOFASIL LIFE "M" bacterial preparations. The acetic acid formed by these cultures permanently stabilises the silo and prevents growth of yeasts and moulds.

If you don’t manage to silage crops with a dry matter content of less than 50%, we don’t advise using bacterial preparations on their own. Our MAIS KOFASIL LIQUID silaging additive should be used in this case, particularly in the top third of the silo. MAIS KOFASIL LIQUID completely prevents yeast and mould growth. We recommend silaging the bottom two thirds of the silo with KOFASIL LIFE "M" or KOFASIL S and protecting the top third with MAIS KOFASIL LIQUID or KOFA GRAIN -pH 5-.