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Optimum quality of the silage forage is a precondition for a high milk and fattening yield. However, the weather is an incalculable factor which is decisive for the quality of the silage forage when silaging grass, leguminous plants and whole cereal plants.

With KOFASIL PLUS GRANULAR and KOFASIL LIQUID you become independent of the weather, enabling you to harvest when the optimum cutting time has been reached and to achieve a uniform, high silage quality, even if sufficient wilting is not possible because of wet weather conditions.

  • are highly effective silage additives to control the natural fermentation process.

  • ensure optimum silage quality, even if sufficient wilting is not possible

  • are not acid products and are neither caustic nor corrosive

  • correct the process where nature does not offer sufficient fermentation conditions

  • enable timely mowing - independent of weather conditions

  • enable the planned and effective use of harvesting machines, specifically for time-bound activities by agricultural contractors

  • a maximum of 1 to 2 days of wilting is sufficient to prepare for ensiling, independent of the dry matter content obtained

  • prevent butyric fermentation

  • always ensure a uniform, high silage quality

  • are easy to apply using generally available granulate spreaders or liquid dosing equipment

  • KOFASIL PLUS GRANULAR - DLG approval seal groups 1 a; 4a + 5a

  • KOFASIL LIQUID DLG approval seal groups 1a, 1b, 4a + 5a

Dosage volumes

KOFASIL PLUS GRANULAR = 2 - 3 kg/t of silaged crop

KOFASIL LIQUID= 2 - 3 l/t of silaged crop