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KOFASIL ULTRA - big news for big bales

We now present KOFASIL ULTRA, the new silage additive developed especially for agricultural contractors. The new KOFASIL ULTRA is unique since we have managed to cover two fields of activity with one product. KOFASIL ULTRA works effectively to prevent Listeria, E.coli and Clostridia (butyric fermentation, butyric acid) and yeasts and moulds (aerobic deterioration). Both the risk factors humidity and dryness can now be minimized safely using one product. Every bale is protected on all sides by means of one dose of approx. two litres. The result is perfect, hygienically impeccable silage, which both cattle and horses love. KOFASIL ULTRA is applied in undiluted form directly on round and square balers, using the right dosing equipment. KOFASIL ULTRA is available in cans, drums and containers. KOFASIL ULTRA can be stored almost without any limitations. KOFASIL ULTRA has been used very successfully in Scandinavia for quite some time, with millions of round bales having been ensiled successfully using KOFASIL ULTRA and having been fed to both cattle and horses. Round bales can be a perfect alternative to traditional silage methods. Until recently it was not possible to prevent the formation of both butyric acid (Clostridia, risk of botulism) and moulds with one and the same product. Biological silage additives do not offer sufficient protection, specifically where round bales with high dry matter content are concerned. Reliably preventing the growth and propagation of yeasts and moulds is the main objective here. This requirement can only be complied with if it is ensured that a sufficiently large volume of effective substances is applied to the silage crop while harvesting. KOFASIL ULTRA makes it easy for you to comply with this requirement. KOFASIL ULTRA is neither corrosive nor aggressive. KOFASIL ULTRA does not contain any acids! KOFASIL ULTRA is not a hazardous substance! KOFASIL ULTRA, the new product to protect animal health.

KOFASIL ULTRA: a unique combination of ingredients to prevent butyric fermentation and heating upon exposure

Wet grass does not offer an optimum breeding ground to lactic acid bacteria. Butyric acid bacteria often prevent them from developing. Silage crops which have been polluted with earth are especially endangered. KOFASIL ULTRA contains the active ingredient sodium nitrite which suppresses butyric acid bacteria (Clostridia) and Listeria. Lactic acid fermentation can take place efficiently and without any problems. Even grass ensiled without wilting can ferment properly. The highly dangerous causative agents in botulism are also included in the genus Clostridium and are dealt with by KOFASIL ULTRA. The second active ingredient, sodium benzoate, inhibits the growth and propagation of yeasts and moulds. The generation of harmful mycotoxins is effectively prevented. The high hygienic standard of silage bales treated with KOFASIL ULTRA makes them ideal partners to be included in TMR mixtures. The health and performance of farm animals is optimally protected.

  • stops butyric fermentation, fights Clostridia (which leads to butyric acid)
  • prevents heating upon exposure
  • reduces fermentation loss
  • is easy to use
  • is neither caustic nor corrosive
  • is not a hazardous substance.

Dosing technique

The product is dosed using generally available equipment for dosing liquid additives, fitted to the bale press. We recommend the equipment supplied bySILA GmbH, Wolfen,