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GrasAAT Plus


For pre-dried grass in silos and round bales with up to approx.

45% dry matterGrasAAT Plus contains propanoic acid and benzoic acid. This makes it good at slowing fermentation and mould growth, and it is effective against overheating after being added and after opening the silo.

GrasAAT Plus is also well suited as a silo top dressing to reduce the risks of mould formation. It contains approximately 12% propanoic acid and about 1.5% benzoic acid, in addition to a total of 58% formic acid (free formic acid + formate). Formic acid salt in the product is sodium formate.

This agent should not be diluted with water because the benzoic acid may form crystals, which may prevent good distribution in the grass.

GrasAAT Plus is classified as a Skin Irritant.

GrasAAT Plus is effective against fermentation and mould formation, and improves the stability of silo fodder against overheating.

Dosage is 3-5 litres per ton.

For more information please contact grasaat(at)

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