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GrasAAT Lacto


For directly harvested grass in silos and round bales

GrasAAT Lacto contains lactose (milk sugar). The lactose helps lactic acid bacteria develop faster. The small amount of lactose in GrasAAT Lacto functions as a power lunch for lactic acid bacteria as early as the initial phase before the grass releases its sugar or before the fermentation process begins.

  • GrasAAT Lacto contains a total of approximately 73% formic acid and 

    1.5% lactose.

  • Much of the formic acid binds with sodium formate salts. This reduces caustic effects on skin and machine corrosion. Glycerol is also added for a greater degree of skin protection.

  • GrasAAT Lacto has been approved as an agricultural supply product for organic agriculture from the summer of 2007 (pursuant to its label)

  • The amount of sodium in grassy succulents with normal doses of GrasAAT Lacto added will tally well with recommended norms. Sodium can improve the flavour of fodder.

  • GrasAAT Lacto is classified as a Skin Irritant.

  • Feeding tests undertaken in the autumn of 2002 show that nutritive values increase if GrasAAT Lacto is used; castrated bulls grew 157 grams more each day when this silage additive was added to grass.

  • Dosage is set at 3 litres per ton, under optimal conditions.

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Use the link above to to find the safety datasheet for GrasAAT Lacto in the ecoonline database. See also