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KOFASIL - our chemical silage additives

The tried-and-trusted silage additive for preserving the fermentation quality of silage made of grass, leguminous plants and whole cereal plants 

Our KOFASIL products guarantees that you will always be able to harvest at the optimum cutting time.

And if the weather does not permit, wilting can even be skipped completely. Our KOFASIL LIQUID is of particular benefit to agricultural contractors, as it releases them from their tight schedule and means they are no longer dependent on “silage weather”.

KOFASIL LIQUID controls the natural fermentation process by selectively suppressing clostridia (including the dangerous botulism pathogens) and other organisms harmful to fermentation. Butyric fermentation and protein breakdown are avoided. Nutrient breakdown is minimised even in difficult ensiling conditions. The high-energy content of the silage crop is preserved optimally in the silage.

Make exceptional silage the rule!