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KOFASIL LIFE "M" contains a heterofermentative bacteria strain which quickly induces lactic acid fermentation while simultaneously producing a certain amount of acetic acid to stabilise the silage.

The production of acetic acid is limited to prevent negative influences on the silage taste. Rapid acidification minimises unavoidable losses of the nutritional value.


  • effectively prevents the much feared heating and in-silo fermentation
  • has a high osmotolerance
  • is easy to use and is suitable for all liquid dosing devices


KOFASIL LIFE "M" is available in 2 x 5-l cans as a self-cultivation system, sufficient for 2 x 100 t silo maize. Refills also available.

Optimising the biogas yield

Biogas plant

Ensiled corn silage and whole cereal plants are important substrates for biogas generation.

As a pre-condition for a high biogas yield it must be guaranteed that during the preservation process the originally available nutrients are preserved as much as possible, i.e. that the preservation losses are minimised. In addition, the hygienic quality (the influence of harmful bacteria and moulds) must be as good as possible to ensure an optimum fermentation process.