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KOFASIL LAC – ready to use!

Homofermentative bacterial preparation for improving fermentation quality in silage made from grass, leguminous plants and whole cereal plants

KOFASIL LAC is a bacterial preparation containing two homofermentative strains of the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum. These have been specially isolated from silage for use as a silage inoculation culture and have not been genetically modified. The use of KOFASIL LAC in predominantly raw-protein-rich silage crops (e.g. grass, leguminous plants) produces intensive lactic acid formation which causes the pH value to drop quickly and significantly. This inhibits the development of undesirable harmful bacteria such as clostridia and dramatically reduces losses. Treating forage crops with KOFASIL LAC results in high-energy, nutrient-rich silage that is perfectly hygienic and is ideal for feeding to high-performance cattle.