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Homofermentative inoculant for improving

fermentation quality in silage.

KOFASIL FQM is an inoculant containing an ECPS forming strain of the lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum). ECPS are muscus forming substances which enclose the bacteria and protect it against adverse environment impacts and supports for nutrient and moisture uptake.

The use of KOFASIL FQM results in silage crops (e.g. grass, legumes plants) in an intensive lactic acid formation which drops the pH value quickly and significantly. This inhibits the development of undesirable harmful bacteria such as clostridia, stops proteolysis and reduces DM- and energy-losses. Treating forage crops with KOFASIL FQM results in high-energy, nutrient-rich silage that is perfectly hygienic and is ideal for feeding to high-performance cattle.