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Silage additive ensuring aerobic stability of silage 

Professional (Silage-) practice and the use of KOFASIL STABIL gives biogas producers the opportunity to produce hygienic and energy rich silage.  KOFASIL STABIL contains the substances Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. The high substance concentration allows the application of a low dosage of 1-2l/t. Tests at the University of Rostock (2010) have shown, that the active components of KOFASIL STABIL have no negative effect s on the gas formation within the fermenter, and that the substances within the fermenter succumb to a complete decomposition (LUFA Rostock, 2010). Depending on the composition of the silage material, KOFASIL STABIL can be applied for the treatment of the surface (upper thirds of the silo stock) or applied for the treatment of the entire silo. 


The use of KOFASIL STABIL is especially recommended during:

  • the summer months
  • The Interim storage at place of utilization
  • An Ensilage period of less than 8 weeks

Effects of KOFASIL STABIL on aerobic stability