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Damage and costs due to poor silage

Question: How much does it cost, if the loss of Methane Building Potential (MBP) is compensated (if possible) with more silage, to reach the same amount of electricity generation?

Answer: Maize silage today has an average cost of about 35€/t. Therefore, 1% loss of MBP represents 0,35€/t of fresh matter (FM). A MBP-loss of 15 % therefore results in a damage of 5,25€ per  ton of FM which is affected by the re-heating.

Question: To what extent can the economic damage increase with varying frequency of instable silage, if the losses can not be compensated by additional silage?

The answer can be seen in the following table. With increasing portions of instable silage and increasing loss of MBP, the electricity revenue can rise up to 12,30 € / t of substrate.
(Situation: 100% of the silage is affected, the MBP loss within the affected silage is 15 %)


Compensation of costs for Silage additive through continuous use in Maize silage

By using the biological silage additive (KOFASIL S or KOFASIL STABIL )
the losses can be more than compensated. If, for example, a loss of 5% MBP  within just  30% of the silage occurs, the use of KOFASIL S already compensates this percentage in all silages.