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Silage Additives

Grass with waterdrops

Nowadays, the task of silage additives is to make harvesting less dependent on the weather, to make it easier to comply with the optimum cutting time and to minimise the residual quality risks which cannot be ruled out, in spite of good professional practices and the utilisation of all the technological and organisational possibilities.

Silage additives help to assure the eventual quality and are a necessary constituent for silage preparation with a high quality requirement.

The ADDCON concept - we have a solution for every silage problem!

By applying the ADDCON concept you can select the silage additive best suited to the situation in question and, contrary to preparations from other suppliers, you will never have to wait for the right weather conditions.

Special situations call for targeted advice. Please contact our office. Your special requirements are best explained during a personal talk at your farm.

We offer a full range of services and products: professional advice, innovative technology and high-performance products with unique combinations of active ingredients. And if necessary, we can provide bespoke solutions for your farm.

For more information please contact kofasil(at)