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Kofa Grain Granular Bag

KOFA GRAIN GRANULAR is a ready-to-use pre-mixture of propionic acid and formic acid to preserve grain, ground grain and feed mixtures.

In addition, KOFA GRAIN GRANULAR is reliable and economic, because the costs of drying can be spared. Intermediate storage is not necessary either: the grain can be fed out immediately.

KOFA GRAIN GRANULAR is produced through a special procedure. The micro-granulate holds the ingredients like a sponge and releases them to the feed slowly. Since the acids are in the hollows of the micro-granulate and have not been applied to a carrier as is the case with other preparations, they do not immediately come into contact with skin when they are being used. The micro-granulate releases the acids as gas, so that the feed to be preserved is evenly pervaded by acid vapours. Also moulds and their spores are killed off.

KOFA GRAIN GRANULAR constantly releases the acids during the entire storage period, offering reliable and long-term protection against re-moulding.

The combination of 45% propionic acid (99.5%) and 20% formic acid (85%) has a positive effect on the taste of the feed, resulting in increased feed intake and efficiency.