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Dosing table for ADDCON preservatives

Indications in litres or kilograms per ton 

for wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale and moist maize 

the dosing indications are for storing whole kernels

(except leguminous plants) 

  • Storage duration up to 3-6 months
  • Storage duration up to 6-12 months


The dose must be increased by at least 20 % for ground or crushed grain. If the grain stack heats up in spite of the recommended dosing volume apparently having been observed, you must act immediately. Grain silage which is heating up must immediately be taken out of storage and be re-treated. Here, our experience and inspections on farms have shown that, regardless of the reasons, this has happened because the recommended doses had not been constantly observed and / or the moisture content of the harvested crop had only been estimated instead of properly measuring it. 

Dosing equipment

To optimally distribute preservatives you cannot do without effective dosing equipment.

We recommend the equipment manufactured by: 

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