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ADDCON Life Ferm

For fast and effective acidification of fluid feed 


Liquid feeding is increasingly common in pig production:

• is not labour intensive

• technologically stable

• it is profitable


However, liquid feed provides good conditions for the growth of spoilage organisms. 

Acidification is an effective way to prevent this.

Fermentation of the feed using ADDCON Life Ferm is the perfect solution!

ADDCON Life ferm is a ready made active inoculant that starts off with a high biological activity. Using the patented Addcon Life Systems, the pro-duct quickly achieves the necessary concentration of lactic acid bacteria. This high bacterial count rapidly acidifies the liquid feed, providing impro-

ved stability and quality of the feed.    

•  Strong impact against
•  E. coli, Salmonella, Enterobacter, ...
•  Breakdown of phytates (phosphorus)
•  Improved digestion and protein availability
•  Prevents bloat due to yeasts
•  Better overall profitability


For fermentation in the pig sty - make your liquid feeding healthier and more profitable with ADDCON Life Ferm