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fattened pig

The true performance enhancer 

FORMI has a comprehensive legal legitimation as a performance-enhancing substance for pigs. The approval was granted by the EU Commission.

FORMI - the first approved alternative to feed antibiotics

  • increased growth performance and excellent feed conversion
  • strong anti-microbial effect
  • optimum safety, no residues
  • secure and easy handling

Improved performance with FORMI - proof through Holo-Analysis!

The performance enhancing effects of FORMI were recently proven using Holo-Analysis. This analysis combines all the data published world-wide on the use of acidifiers in pig production, including FORMI. Therefore, 658 trials which were carried out in 25 different countries between 1965 and 2005 were included. All trials used were tested against a negative control. 59 trials with FORMI gave an average increase in daily weight gain of 8.7%, while feed intake was increased by 3.5%. The resulting improvement in feed conversion is 4.2%. All other acidifiers tested (157 different acids or acid salts and blends of these – in 599 trials) could improve the performance of tested pigs by only 5% in terms of weight gain and by 1% in terms of feed intake, while feed conversion was improved by 3.6%. Based on these results it can be claimed that FORMI can achieve better results than other acidifiers tested.