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Feed additive enhances pig mass and profitability

FORMI use in South Africa

Pig farmers using a non-antibiotic performance enhancer and feed additive in their piggeries have experienced a substantial mass increase in their weaners and a drastic reduction in mortality.

"This has a significant impact on profitability," says Arno Spiske, general manager of the Midland Piggery, Wolwehoek and Boomplaas Piggery, Parys in the Free State.

The product, Formi, Reg. No. V21030 Act 36/194 7, is distributed by ADDCON Africa Feed and Grain Additives. Spiske uses the product as a Iactation ration for his sows at 8 kg/t and for weaners also 8 kg/t in their feed.

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Use of organic acids in Europe, Australia and Asia

The application of organic acids and their salts to diets for pigs has been studied extensively. They have proved especially effective in maintaining growth performance since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters came into effect in Europe in 2006. Numerous trials have demonstrated their mode and magnitude of action and have established effective doses for piglets, fattening pigs and sows. The use of formic acid and its double potassium salt in particular have been the subject of intense investigation, with the result that we now know...

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Salmonella control in pigs

Salmonella control in pigs through the use of potassium diformate

A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Salmonella control measures on highly infected pig farms. The results were presented at the latest IPVS congress in Vancouver, Canada.

Salmonella control has a high priority in European pork production. It is a significant cause of human Salmonellosis and causes major economic losses in the pork production chain, through reduced productivity, increased veterinary and hygiene control costs. Preventing the spread of salmonella to the consumer requires special control measures during slaughter and processing. The extra cost of these controls is increasingly being transferred back to the producer in the form of financial penalties or the loss of the market for contaminated pigs.

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FORMI improves piglet growth


Studies prove the effect of FORMI in piglets fed diets with different levels of protein

Helen Behn & Christian Lückstädt (ADDCON Bonn, Germany)

"As a consequence of todays common practice in pig breeding the gastro–intestinal system of piglets is not yet fully developed at the time of weaning. This may cause digestive problems and increase susceptibility to pathogenic bacteria such as E. coliand salmonellae.....". The complete article you can download at the bottom of this page.

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