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A strategical approach to salmonella – Dr. Christian Lückstädt

During the VIVTAM / FIAAP in Bangkok our friend from ENGORMIX ( did a video with our Dr. Christian Lückstädt regarding the strategical approach of FORMI NDF to salmonella.

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Addcon announces the successful registration of FORMI NDF in Russia

ADDCON proudly announces the registration of FORMI NDF for the Russian market.

"We are very happy holding the registration for Russia in our hands. The technical team in our headquarter did a great job providing all the information needed for the authorities in Russia" say Kurt Wegleitner, CMO of the ADDCON group of companies. "Together with our local partners we have decided to launch the latest addition to the FORMI product line in Russia. After the successful registration process, we will now launch FORMI NDF in the market."

FORMI NDF will be used mainly in poultry diets in order to guarantee healthy and safe feed. The product will help the industry in Russia to reduce bacterial challenge and thus ensuring safe chicken meat and eggs as well as better performance of the birds.

This message is from the ENGORMIX-website:


Invitation to speak at the Taiwan Poultry Seminar for ADDCON


Experts from ADDCON and their partners in Taiwan, Evaglow International Co. Ltd., have been invited to speak at Taiwan Poultry Health Seminar which took place in Taichung from October 13th till 14th 2009. Dr. Christian Lückstädt has been asked to share its experience on "The use of organic acids as alternatives for in-feed antibiotics in poultry". More than 120 participants from the industry as well as from research institutions were present during the intense talk an discussion.

To read the article of Dr. Lückstädt please click on this link: