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The Quality enhancer

Animal production and the feed industry continue to suffer from losses caused by bacterial diseases and the associated effects on the bird, such as increased mortality and reduced feed efficiency – leading to impaired poultry production.

On the other hand, gut hygiene and efficiency of the bird as well as optimal safety towards producing poultry meat are key requirements for modern poultry production. New preservatives for poultry feed are needed to achieve those requirements. 


FORMI NDF fulfils these demands:

• improve feed hygiene
• strong anti-microbial effects
   (Campylobacter, Salmonellen, E. coli)
• safe and easy handling, non-corrosive
• optimized feed efficiency
• supports growth performance


It has been shown in numerous trials that the use of FORMI NDF leads to improved poultry performance by the virtue of:

√ Improved feed hygiene
√ Anti-microbial effects
√ Reduction in average daily mortality
√ Improved Egg production
√ Improving litter quality
√ Better absorption of trace minerals
√ Reducing production fluctuations



Formic acid is the most efficient anti-bacterial in comparison to all other organic acids.

FORMI® NDF offers total protection!

Unlike liquid blends, which act only in the anterior portion of the intestine & coated acids which act only in the posterior intestine, FORMI NDF acts throughout the length of intestine offering total protection.


Mode of action

Formic acid from sodium diformate enters through the bacterial cell wall of gram negative Bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella etc.) Once inside the bacterial cytoplasm, the hydrogen ion dissociates, thereby reducing the pH inside the bacterial cell.