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ADDCON XL 2.0 for animals

Animal producers suffer from losses caused by bacterial contamination and associated effects on the livestock, such as lower daily weight gain and increased mortality. 

The strongest bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects among organic acids have been demonstrated for formic acid.

ADDCON has made the documented effects of formic acid even stronger – by combining this trusted acid with a registered salt to enhance the efficacy range.

ADDCON XL 2.0 stands for:

• highest amount of active ingredients (~85%)

• very strong antimicrobial effects

• unique ingredients composition

The antimicrobial effects are beneficial for the animals in many respects:

• ADDCON XL 2.0 reduces the total microbial load in the drinking water and in the upper digestive tract

• ADDCON XL 2.0 optimizes protein digestibility 

• ADDCON XL 2.0 improves feed + water hygiene, and therefore performance