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Optimizes your water hygiene

Water - the forgotten nutrient! Water intake, often more than double compared to the feed intake of animals, plays a key role in optimal nutrition of swine and chicken. Feed intake can often be limited due to poor water quality. It is therefore no surprise that improvements in water hygiene will lead to significant performance and animal health enhancements.

Pathogenic organisms in the water can be many-fold. Thus, a variable approach is needed. ADDCON XNC fulfils this demand. Its ingredients aim for strong action against bacteria, while the growth of moulds and yeasts can be inhibited too.


ADDCON XNC stands for:

• safe & easy handling - non-corrosive
• tested effectiveness
• strong antimicrobial/antimycotic effects


ADDCON XNC reduces microbial load, targets bacteria and improves hygiene


The antimicrobial/antimycotic effects are beneficial for the animal in many respects:

• ADDCON XNC reduces the total microbial load in the drinking water
• ADDCON XNC enhances the water uptake
• ADDCON XNC improves overall hygiene during the growth period