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ADDCON XF Superfine

Safe feed saves money

Contaminated feedstuffs or recontamination during storage, transport and outfeed result in significant losses in productivity, if not severe outbreaks of disease, as a result of microbial and fungal growth. Furthermore bacterial- and mould growth also reduce the nutritive value of feed.


The secret is in the mix

The strongest mould inhibition among organic acids has been  demonstrated for propionic acid, whereas the strongest bactericidal acid is formic acid.

ADDCON has made the documented effects of both acids “safe and easy” for the end-user – in the form of their calcium salts.


ADDCON XF Superfine stands for:

• easy handling and mixability
• ​tested effectiveness
• ​very strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects

Constant research and development by the ADDCON teams in Germany has led to the first dry product that mixes equally well as liquid mould inhibitors. Thus XF Superfine is highly effective, safe and easy to use.

The combined anti-fungal and antimicrobial effects are beneficial for the feed and animal in many respects: 

• ADDCON XF Superfine prevents and stops the spread of moulds in the feed
• ADDCON XF Superfine targets harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli
• ADDCON XF Superfine stabilises feed quality and reduces buffer capacity

ADDCON XF Superfine prevents moulds, controls bacteria and reduces buffer capacity.