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Residue free

No additional costs and risks

Winter maintenance with VIAFORM does not leave any residues, because after application the product decomposes and degrades by natural means.

Residues caused by using gritting agents currently have to be collected and disposed or recycled by costly and time consuming means. But only a small part of the gritting agents used during the winter periods can be collected. The rest remains along the edge of the road, on the road, in the sewerage system or in nature itself.

During dry periods these gritting agent residues can lead to accidents as grit decreases the friction between ground and tires.

These additional costs, environmental pollution and accident risks do not occur when using VIAFORM.

No hazards related to fine particulates

The use and collection of gritting agents causes a significant formation of fine particulates which are hazardous to health. This risk also does not occur when using VIAFORM.