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non-toxic for animals, plants and aquatic organisms

VIAFORM is neither toxic nor irritating to animals. Problems related to the use of sodium chloride (such as irritated skin, eyes or paws of dogs or other animals) do not occur when VIAFORM is used. Inflamed paws caused by grit particles sticking between paw pads are likewise prevented by using VIAFORM.

Grass strips and trees adjacent to roads, cycling paths and sidewalks are not affected in any negative way by VIAFORM and new plantings or the felling of trees are consequently not necessary. In comparison to usual road salt, VIAFORM does not accumulate in either surface or ground water.


When assessing the environmental compatibility of de-icing agents not only their toxicity is important. Far more important is the required oxygen demand that is necessary for the degradation of the product. Is this oxygen demand high, anaerobic conditions may be caused in the water or soil due to the degradation of the de-icing agent.

While the oxygen demand for the degradation of VIAFORM is low and therefore non-hazardous to the environment, products based on urea or acetates require a lot of oxygen for degradation.