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VIAFORM is an efficient and at the same time environment friendly de-icing agent 
for roads, footpaths, cycling paths, house entrances, company premises or artificial turf pitches or for private purposes.

Developed with the objective of ensuring reliable and efficient winter maintenance that simultaneously preserves the environment, VIAFORM meets all requirements for modern de-icing agents.

VIAFORM acts quickly, reliably and enduringly. Positive product properties such as biodegradability, non-toxicity for humans, animals, water organisms and plants as well as absence of residues emphasize the eco-friendly character of VIAFORM. 

VIAFORM is available both in liquid (as VIAFORM LIQUID) and granulated form (as VIAFORM GRANULAR). These two products enable a winter maintenance that is optimized, more efficient and better adapted to winter’s weather conditions.