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Environmental impact of AVIFORM S-Solid

Snow on a runway

Biodegradability and eco-toxicological tests have been performed on AVIFORM S-Solid, as part of AMS 1431B certification.

AVIFORM S-Solid has lower oxygen demand (COD) and a shorter break down time than urea, glycol and acetate based runway de-icers, i.e. oxygen depletion of soil, surface waters and sewage treatment plants is strongly reduced compared to other de-icing agents. Thus the products impact on the environment is minimal compared to urea and other well-known de-icing products.

Additional to this AVIFORM S-Solid is not toxic to humans, animals or aquatic organisms, is fully biodegradable in aqueous systems and is not bioakkumulative (Partition Coefficient n-Octanol/Water: Pow < 0).

AVIFORM S-Solid is not listed as a hazardous component and is not based on nitrogen salts or chloride.