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Application of AVIFORM S-Solid

Deicer on a runway

AVIFORM S-Solid can be used with all standard airport spreading equipment in operation today.

Use of AVIFORM S-Solid during severe winter conditions on thick ice layer up to 8 mm has performed with excellent results. The combination of liquid and solid AVIFORM decreases the number of de-icing intervals during severe winter conditions and speeds up the ice penetration process.  

AVIFORML S-SOLID – general application rates

The efficiency of de-icers depend on a variety of elements like weather conditions (wind, air, humidity, snow, freezing rain), surface material and spraying equipment.  As a result, no exact dosages – but dosage recommendations can be given. 

The following application rates are only an indicative: 

Frost < 1mm ice:

Temperature       Dosage

  0 to -5°C       10 - 20 g/m2

 -5 to -10°C     20 - 30 g/m2

Snow/ice 1 to 3 mm:

Temperature       Dosage

  0 to -5°C         25 - 40 g/m2

 -5 to -10°C       40 - 50 g/m2